Easier link to PPMD/Amazon! - now use either www.ShopForOurSons.com or www.ShopForOurSons.org

Hi everyone,


The PPMD/Amazon effort continues to build.  Now is the time to get the word out as wide as possible since the holidays are about to start.


Now, to make things even easier, PPMD has created to new URL's which are easier to remember:


www.ShopForOurSons.org      and    www.ShopForOurSons.com


I have printned business cards and hand them out to all my friends, co-workers, and neighbors.




1) You must first visit the PPMD/Amazon page THEN add items to your cart for PPMD to get credit.


2) You must order eBooks via a browser (not the Kindle App itself) via the PPMD/Amazon page for PPMD to get credit.


Shop away!  Available 24x7x365 and it costs the buyer nothing to help fund a cure!

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