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No I've never heard of it. The website seems a little fake to me.
I'm not familiar with a lot of the ingredients, but the one thing that concerns me a bit is the iron. Men are highly recommended against supplementing with iron, which is why there are iron fortified daily vitamins for women. I've never heard that our boys need extra iron, hence the concern with this product in general.

What I can find on the other ingredients:
Wattle Bark: anti-diarrheal
Elephant Creeper (or Argyreia nervosa): anti-inflammatory (good), hallucinogenic effects (not so good)
Sweet Root: Not sure what this is supposed to be. Might be licorice root.
Coral Calcium: Basically a salt made from calcium carbonate and magnesium. It's essentially baking soda. It can change the alkalinity of water, which might be beneficial. Still, why not just use baking soda?
Vermilion: Okay, now that I've looked this one up, I'm really worried. Vermilion is mercuric sulfide and is TOXIC!

I'm not going to go any further. Between the iron and the mercury, I'm convinced that this product is bad news.

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