We're down to less than 2 weeks til the big event. There are still lots of golf balls for sale. Our goal is 2000 and we have collected money so far for 518. We will only be placing the balls in the drop bag that have sold. That gives you great odds at winning the prize money. For $20.00 you have a chance to either win $6000.00, $1000.00, $500.00 or 5 chances to win $100.00. You do not need to be present to win. PPMD will contact you and send you your winning check. All proceeds benefit PPMD, either way it is a win/win situation. Please help us hit our goal and sell all 2000 balls. Instructions to purchase the balls are on the events page. You can purchase with a debit or credit card online. If you are local please come out and spend the day with us. We have over 55 Crafters/Vendors who will be set up all day. (One is a Stairlift Vendor who has donated a stairlift to be raffled off.) We have more than 80 Raffle Items, Music, Kids Games and Crafts, Airplane and Tetherered Hot Air Balloon Rides, and food. Help us support PPMD!!

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Hi Terry:

It's a go! We have secured enough tents to cover the games and the scarecrow making contest, the entertainment and the raffle items so we are going ahead with it. We won't be able to get the volunteers for the raindate that we have tomorrow and the weather is saying possible showers in the am but clearing up early afternoon.

Hope you can make it. If you happen to have any old worn kids clothes for the scare crow making contest we would appreciate it if you brought them along. We tried places to get them and they all fell through.

Terry Porcaro said:
I will pray for nice weather for this Sat., but so far it doesn't look good here in New Jersey. Hope Quakertown gets the sun. I would very much like to attend along with my daughter and two grandsons.

Jacobs Mommom said:
If you haven't bought your golf ball and still want to you have until 1:00 EST tomorrow to do so. Just go to this link on the PPMD page. www.parentprojectmd.org/dropforduchenne To those of you who did buy some, GOOD LUCK!

We are anxiously awaiting the weather forecast for this Saturday and if they are positive we are going to get rain then we will use the rain date of October 10th.

I know everyone is anxious to find out the winners for the golf ball drop and so am I:) Heather was in charge of that since I was taking care of the raffle items and MANY other things and by the time we got everything cleaned up it was around 7:30. ...The Drop went off late because everytime the balloonist decided to go the wind would pick up so the fire truck would get ready and then the wind would stop. The balloonist was finally able to go up around 5:30 and he took Jacob and I up with him to pull the rope to release the balls. I don't think I want to do that again. I was nervous about Jacob leaning over the side of the balloon and the balloon shifting from being tethered. Jacob and I both kissed the ground after coming down.
It drizzled for about 1/2 hour in the morning the then we were blessed with sun the rest of the day. We think we did pretty well for PPMD and will let you know everything this afternoon. I'm heading back up to get our camper and what a mess I have to clean up in there! Heather took the money, the golf ball drop results, and the silent auction results home with her so once we can get together we will get everything posted.

3 minutes ago
Thanks to everyone who bought a ball, we sold 1029 Golf Balls. Hopefully next year we will sell all 2000. The winners of the Golf Ball Drop are:

1st - $6000.00 winner - Cheryl Cohen
2nd - $1000.00 winner -Deb Nester
3rd - $500.00 winner - Jayden Sehiele
4th - $100.00 winner - AK Pollack, M.D.
5th - $100.00 winner - Alyssa Sorg
6th - $100.00 winner - Kendra Hosgood
7th - $100.00 winner - Alice Piekielski
8th - $100.00 winner - Alyssa Sorg
Donna, it was very nice meeting you, your daughter and her family yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I thought the event was. It was a monumental undertaking and I was impressed with how much you did. Elliott and Henry had a blast. Our scarecrows and pumpkins look nice on our front porch. Elliott has especially been enjoying the Kung Fu Panda things he won from the games. I never thought about contacting Kohl's, and although it may be too late, it would be great to either get some volunteers or some toys to give away with our kids games at the 5K. I have to admit that being at your event yesterday gave me some mild panic. Although I'm happy to organize this 5K for PPMD, I'm worried about my mental health until the 31st :) Anyway, congratulations to you for a very successful fundraiser.

-Joanna Johnson

Looks like you had sucess...which I am so glad to read. CONGGRATS MOMMOM!!!

Keep this thing rolling. It's like a snowball affect. I am doin' what i can on the Left Coast, and seeing people on the Right Coast (you, paul, etc.) doin' their thang is phenominal.

much respect and love sent your way. keep your head up and keep movin' forward.

Love ya,

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