My son is almost 4 and still has a consistent problem with drooling. We tried robinul for his drool and that did help a lot, but we quit for a while to see if it has gotten any better. It has gotten a little better, but not completely. Just wondering if anyone else out there has dealt with or is dealing with this. My son has DMD with a deletion of exon 54.

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My son drooled really bad for a long time, but I don't recall it being up to age 4. I do remember our OT working with him on stimulating his tongue and mouth to 'control' saliva in the mouth...Have you talked to your OT??
My grandma had a remedy for this. And to this day I use it for my children. It works! Take a teaspoon of ground ginger and mix with water, doesn't matter how much. I usually add a little salt to take away the bitterness. Take it once daily until the drool is gone. I've never given it to the kids more than twice. By then it kicks in. The challenge is getting the kids to drink it. Maybe add some honey to make it sweet or mix it with something the kids like.

My grandmas also used to make us eat fish when we started to drool. I prefer this method it is easier and a lot better tasting. Try a fish dinner and see if that works for you. But don't use fish sticks.

Hope this works for you it did for me. It sounds so out there but it does work.
Both of my son's drooled. Craig was around 5-5.5 before he stopped. Marc is three and is still drooling. I have noticed that when they are getting teeth the drool is worse. It is also bad if they have a cold. Both of my sons always have their tongue's out of their mouths, we are always telling them to close their mouths. That also helps to control the saliva. Our OT & PT are also working with them to help with the drooling. Gina
Our son Thomas turned 4 in December and sucks his thumb in bed, which seems to produce a lot of saliva. When he can't get to sleep, it can go on for quite some time and the sheet can get very wet indeed. I'm not quite sure what we can and whether it has anything to do with Duchenne. As it happens at night when he is trying to sleep or is asleep, I don't know what an OT could realistically do?
Wow. I thought it was just my boy. He's not yet 2 and has been drooling since he began teething at 5 months. I know they drool when they get teeth and when they have a cold, but he drools all day every day. It is not as bad as it was, meaning I'm only changing his shirt a few times a day versus every hour, but it's persistent. I tried bibs, but he just tears them off. I've decided to bring it up at his 2 year well-baby exam. I'm also going to bring this up with OT - thanks Lori!
I know what you mean. Marc drools all day everyday. I am always changing his shirt. There are some days I say oh my goodness we haven't changed your shirt. That may last two days. Then it is back to changing shirts all day again. Gina
My 7-year-old son Christopher drooled a lot until he was about 3. He still holds his tongue out a lot, especially when he is concentrating on something. We have been told that some boys with DMD have macroglossia -- an enlargement of the tongue. I don't know whether it's that or whether they just have poor muscle tone in their tongues. I think this tongue issue is the reason for the drool. I know that's not very helpful, but it might offer an explanation. Christopher has a duplication of exons 6 and 7.

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