DR Brian Tseng had joined Novartis.I understand that Dr Brian will be leading Novartis neuromuscular group. I think, this a very good development for DMD families.I mean, he is one of most passionate researcher/clinician in the DMD field. Now hopefully Dr Brian will be in a position to virtually move the needle in DMD research along with Novartis( BIG Pharma group with deep pockets).


I hope and PRAY that something good comes out with this move. If Novartis comes into DMD field, it will surely be very good for all of us.



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I second that motion! Was there a link to a recent article Raktim?
Dear Families/Friends,

Hope the summer is winding down nicely for you! I write this letter
to inform you that I have made an important career shift in

I am stepping into a hybrid industry-academic position joining up with
Novartis in Cambridge MA as a director to help steer their muscle drug
development program and continue on staff at MGH/HMS with full
academic appointment. With support from both hospital leadership and
community, I aim to continue TUE morning pediatric neuromuscular
clinic at MGH and plans are in place to hire an experienced pediatric
nurse practitioner.

This is a great opportunity to help develop new medicines for a number
of neuromuscular disorders that suffer unmet medical needs. This role
will allow me to push from inside industry walls, build robust bridges
with academic meccas like MGH and work with the FDA. Individuals with
neuromuscular disorders need better medicines. It is my vision that
someday better medicines will be proven through rigorous clinical
trials to be both safe and highly efficacious for children with
pediatric neuromuscular disorders, particularly muscular dystrophy.
Much progress has been made in pre-clinical endeavors e.g. mouse
muscular dystrophy but the translational gap is still daunting. Where
are the new medicines for patients with pediatric
neuromuscular disorders? I am both honored and apprehensive about this
new challenge!

During this transition, I am committed to support the team for the
Neuromuscular Clinic, which has grown to become a fantastic
multidisciplinary clinic that is now linking pediatric and adult MGH
specialists. Only at an extraordinary place like MGH/Boston could this
vision become a reality! I appreciate your support and flexibility in
this transition phase! I will be sending out a follow-up letter describing
upcoming clinic team changes and guidelines.
Moreover I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team!

Warmest Regards, Dr. Brian
Wow! All I can say is huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Brian!!! Can't wait to see more coming from this!
Really fantastic. I am sure Dr Brian will be able to push things for DMD kid along with Novartis.

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