Hi, All! We are taking the plunge and beginning steroids with our son. He is 6 years old and weighs 21kg. Our doctor gave us a prescription for 20mg. of deflazacort. Looking online at the Canadian sites and Master's Marketing I see that they come in 1mg, 6mg, and 30mg. Doing the math, I'm wondering how to get 20mg? Do they round? Will he need to take 3 of the 6mg to make 18mg plus 2 of the 1mg? I'm confused! Your help is much appreciated!

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The 30 mg pills for deflazacort easily split into 1/4's. I know dosage is based on weight but can't the doctor just go with either the 15 mg or 22.5 mg dosing? I guess you could get the 30mg tabs, split them in half and also get the 1 mg tabs. 21 mg would be pretty close. Seems like a couple mg's up or down wouldn't be that big of a deal but maybe I'm wrong. I'm not a doctor so I don't know but it would be something I'd check into.
Why don't you explain your circumstances to the Neurologist and ask him to try your son on a 18mg dose? My son's weight is 65 pounds which is over 29kg and he takes 18 mg ( #3 - 6mg tablets) of deflazacort on a daily basis. This is equivalent to a 12.5 mg daily dose of prednisone which is the dose he started taken when he was a 3 1/2 year-old boy. His strength has been maintained so his steroid dose has not been increased, yet.
Our son was younger than yours when we started him out on a steroid so perhaps your son might need a stronger dose, which is why I suggest you ask his neurologist first if you could try the lower dose. It is cheaper to only have to buy the 6mg vs. purchasing the additional 1mg tablets. Your neurologist may not be aware how the dosing of deflazacort comes.
If you stick with the 20mg dose, then he would have to take 5 pills a day. #-3- 6mg and #2- 1mg. They are round in shape. You could crush them and put them in applesauce but I'm sure it still taste pretty bitter.
Our son was on 20mg, he is 7 and he swallows his pills, has been since age 4. We just increased his dose to 21 mg. For 20mg we really just gave him 19 1/2 mg to make it easy. We broke the 30mg tab into 1/4 and gave him 1/4 of a 30mg tab which came to 7.5mg and 2 6mg tabs coming out to 19.5mg. Honestly the .5mg does not make a huge difference in dosing. Don't waste your time with the 1mg pills in my opinion. Now he is on 21 mg we do 1/2 of a 30mg tab and 1 6mg tab.
Really at the dose of .9mg/Kg your son's dose would be 18.9mg, so you could just go with 18mg a day for now and not worry to much. Dosing is not an exact science.
Good Luck!

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