Has anyone used this or know if it may be useful instead of the night splits? The one we use keeps coming off partially (the velcro straps come off) in the night because our son moves/stretches his feet in the sleep.

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I, personally, have never seen those before.  Have you considered using a tensor bandage to keep his boots on?



thanks naomi, i'll look for tensor bandage...i saw the ad for dorsi in the mda magazine and was curious, since these are only about $50.

We had the samekind of problem with our pair of Night Splints, as well.


We had to get a new pair custom made at the hospital.  It only took an hour and they fit 10 times better.  Austin got to choose the color of the straps, which he thought was pretty cool.


I don't have any idea what the cost is as this sort of stuff is covered in Canada, but I would guess that it would be under $100, as they aren't too fancy.

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