Maca has been found to be great for many things that our boys need.  It is considered the natural Viagra, which, they were testing to see if Viagra would help our boys.  It has been used for thousands of years by the Incas.  It is great for bones, builds muscle, is great for adrenal glads (growth), etc.  I've been researching it and think it may be good, but have no idea what dose, as I'm not looking for the Viagra effect for Kelvin.  Women take it instead of hormones as well.   I've been looking for something that fits this product exactly and came across it while reading a health magazine.  I researched it's benefits online too.  It was shown recently to help athletes by enhancing endurance performance in well-trained cyclists.  It sounds great for just simple well being too.  Let me know if others have dealt with this and what brand or product?  I think this is a natural product that we might be able to research together.  Let me know.  I don't recall ever seeing this on here.  Thanks, Michelle

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i would like to know myself
WHy don't you consult a homeopathic MD? I would be interested to learn more also.
I talk often to a guy at a top natural store. I'll be sure to ask him when I go there this week. I'm very interested after what I've been reading. I have another source in Belize where my husband is from. I'll try to make some contacts there. Michelle
i would like to know more
I did talk to the guy at the store and he said the product is very popular among men and women. I bought some to try it (not on Kelvin yet) and it was in powder form. It is ok, but, I don't think I can get Kelvin to drink it, as he takes a lot already. If I go with it, I'll look for a pill form. I am going to do so more research first.

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