My husband and I, have embarked upon PGD as I am a carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). My brother passed away from dmd aged 22 and watching him deteriorate over the years has been traumatic and heartbreaking. Also my mother and auntie are carriers and I have a cousin who has dmd.

We have been fortunate to have up to 3 funded cycles of PGD and have just gone through part of our 1st cycle. I am 36 and responded well to the IVF treatment. I had 13 eggs retrieved and 7 made it through for biopsy. With the high number of eggs we expected at least 2 to be non affected and non carrier. But the results came back with 2 that were affected and 4 are carriers & 1 abnormal.

we both don't want to use the carrier eggs as we are worried that DMD symptoms may occur when our child gets older, as there is information out there that states that it could happen and also there are manifestations that can occur leading to symptoms of DMD.

we have a follow up appointment on the 16th January to discuss our results. Our genetic councillor has already encouraged us to use the eggs due to my age and the low success rates of IVF as this may be our only chance of having good embryos. But this is eating me up and unsure if to discard the carrier eggs and try for a 2nd cycle of PGD.

is there anyone in this situation or have been? We were told that we are the only couple going through PGD that want to discard carrier eggs? Are we just being over worried?

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