Mason has cavities in his baby teeth. We need to bring him to get fillings and because of his really bad gag reflex they need to give him gas.

We are being him to a pediatric dentist but since DMD is a new diagnosis I'm not sure if there is anything special that needs to be done before they give him anything to complete the procedure.

Can anyone let me know?

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Definitely talk with your doctor about this.

PPMD has a document on anesthesia here:

Our oldest had to be put out to have several teeth removed and things went very well.  We met with the Anesthesiologist before hand and she completely understood the situation and explained a bit about why they have to be careful and the extra considerations they'd have in place during his surgery.

Everything went very well for us, just make sure you bring up your concerns ahead of time.

Hi Dawn -- I'm going to loop Kathi Kinnett, our VP of Clinical Care, in on this discussion. 

For now though, please see these links: 

Dawn - 

I'm sorry for my delayed response - i was out of town and not able to see this discussion.  It looks like all the appropriate links have been included below.  Did you get all the information that you needed?  Do you still have questions?


Thank you everyone. I scheduled his appointment for next Thursday. I let them know he has Duchenne. They will use nitrous oxide. So seems like I received info I needed.

Did the nitrous do anything? My son is 5 and has cavities and terrible gag reflex and nitrous didnt seem to change anything. I dont really want to do general anesthesia for baby teeth...

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