My 6 year old grandson was sent home from school today complaining of dizziness.  He seems perfectly fine and did not have another episode.  My daughter is bringing him to his pediatrician to be checked.  Has anyone had any complaints of dizziness from their sons.  He is on Deflazacort, CoQ10, Vit. D, multi-vitamin, calcium.  He's been on Deflazacort for over 2 years.  Can that cause dizziness?

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No complaints of dizzyness from our son in the last 3 years (since dx).  Probably not related to your grandson's meds but checking with the doc is always worth the effort. 
No dizziness and we are on all the same meds.  Other common causes of dizziness though would be dehydration, fluid in the ears, ear infection, or even just over all exhuastion.  Definately getting checked by the pediatrician is good.  Prayers he is better soon, nothing worse than being sick for winter break from school! 
My daughter took my grandson to his pediatrician last night.  His examination revealed nothing wrong with him.  He said it could have been from any number of things - a stuffy/hot classroom, getting up to fast, etc., which maybe through off his equilibrium.  But, because my grandson described his dizziness as feeling as if he had no body (kind of a floaty feeling), my daughter got panicky.  She thought could it possibly be a seizure.  Ever since the DMD diagnosis, she doesn't take anything lightly -- it seems like she is always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We are keeping an eye on him, but right now he is fine.  As usual, it's great to have this support system to address our worries and concerns.  Thank you.
Dis they check BP?
the boy is fine, but my life has become one big dizzy spell.  :)

I know it has been awhile since this post first came out, but my 6 year old son is having prolonged experiences of vertigo/dizziness where he feels like his brain is spinning.  He says he can see well otherwise. Pulse rate seemed fine. No fever or nausea. No headache complaints. Just very annoyed with the dizziness. 

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