Deflazacort plus LArginine could upregulate Utrophin?

If someone knows something about it please let me know, I just heard about it.

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thanks for the link.
Obviously, the upregulation of utrophin obtained by using the dose leves used by our sons is not high enough to make a significant difference maintaining ambulation. Many boys are taking both defalzacort and L-Arginine now. That's probably why not much money is invested in testing the combination in a clinical trial?
I read the article and need some clarification as I dont understand the full terminology, is it saying long term use of L-Arginine causes other issues with the heart.
also anyone giving their boys both, do they see any changes in their child.
L-Arginine Improves Vascular Function. The following is an abstract taken from Altern Med Rev 2005;10(1):14-23.

There is abundant evidence that the endothelium plays a crucial role in the maintenance of vascular tone and structure. One of the major endothelium-derived vasoactive mediators is nitric oxide (NO), an endogenous messenger molecule formed in healthy vascular endothelium from the amino acid precursor L-arginine. Endothelial dysfunction is caused by various cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic diseases, and systemic or local inflammation. One mechanism that explains the occurrence of endothelial dysfunction is the presence of elevated blood levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) – an L-arginine analogue that inhibits NO formation and thereby can impair vascular function. Supplementation with L-arginine has been shown to restore vascular function and to improve the clinical symptoms of various diseases associated with vascular dysfunction.

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