Deflazacort - change from daily to weekend regimen

Hi, we will have Kyle's next appointment in October and I know at that time we will discuss increasing his steriod dosage. The obvious affect of that will be further reduction in height potential.  The idea has come up to increase his steroid dosage but go to a weekend only regimen.  Has anyone done this with deflazacort?  Kyle is not even on the chart.  He's 10 years old and just barely 4'2" and is really becoming self conscious about although we reassure him quite often that he's perfect the way he is.  If any of you have made this switch, I have a few questions if you don't mind:

1.  How long was your son on deflazacort before switching to a weekend only dose?

2.  How long has your son been on the weekend dosing?

3.  Has your son gained any height as a result of changing to the weekend only?

4.  Has your son lost any strength as a result of changing to the weekend only?

5.  Have you noticed any concentration changes in school from switching?

Thank you so much for your responses.  Donna

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Weston started out on weekend dosing of prednisone. We were told at that time that we could start with weekend and then switch to daily but could not go backward to weekend if we started out daily.  When the weekend dosage got to be really high and wouldn't carry him through the whole week, we then switched to daily and also switched to deflazacort. Would be interested to know another MDs opinion about switching backwards. Thanks.

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