Hi all.  Have any of you have seen a big weight gain in the first year of taking Delflazacort?  My son is 4 and has been on deflazacort for about 4 months now.  Yesterday we were at our regular doc for a check up and found out Ben had gained 2 lbs in 4 months since starting steroids but has only grown 1/4 in.  Is this a significant weight gain in such a short time?  We have always been generally healthy eaters and now we really watch his sodium intake, push veggies/fruits more (apples are his favorite snack!) and avoid all the bad stuff.  However, I have seen a big increase in appetite especially in the last month.  Since he was little he has been a solid somewhat stocky kiddo-most of the time in the 95th percentile for height and weight.  Perhaps I am over-thinking everything, but like all of us I just want to do what is best for my son!!!!  Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Jessica, my son, Kyle, has been on Deflazacort for 2 years now (he is now age 7). We have not had significant weight gain and not quite sure I would consider 2 pounds over 4 months significant either... Kyle is also generally a fairly decent eater and at times his appetite is greater than others. The whole weight gain issue was one of the main reasons we went with Deflazacort because it was my understanding there isn't as much of that issue. Just to let you know as well, Kyle was also in the 85 - 95th percentile for height and weight pre-DMD. He is still in about the 80th percentile for weight, but he is down to the 15th percentile for his height :-(. From the way it sounds, you are doing what any good parent should do - provide a well balanced variety - tough for kiddos sometimes :-). Donna

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