We still cannot order Deflazacort from Master UK like before. They request us to give import license. We have had to buy through other link: Info@orderonlinepharma.com . But we are not sure about this supplier since they do not require subscription and their delivery is truly a problem. So, we doubt also if the medicine is fake or not.

Anybody can give us some other supply source (to Vietnam).

Very much thanks.


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Try to ask at this email address.


Thanks! I will try to send e-mail to Master UK again. 

You can try Universal Drug store in Canada. I got a good service from them. http://www.universaldrugstore.com/

Thank you Rahul. You order same brandname Deflazacort? (I searched, but found no result).

I just scanned and uploaded the prescription for Deflazacort and they were able to send it. I checked in alphabetic order under D there is Deflazacort.

Buenos dias en Guatemala, ya venden Deflazacort, con el nombre comercial Zamen 30 gramos, con la receta, lo distribuye laboratorios Menarini, aproximadamente la caja de 10 tabletas de 30 miligramos a U$.40.00, por lo que si tiene algun contacto sugiera poder contactarlo para que se la pueda enviar. Saludos

Good morning Dear, in Guatemala and selling Deflazacort, under the trade name Zamen 30 grams, medicine MENARINI Laboratories distributes the value of the box of 10 tablets is about forty dollars, so if you have a friend or acquaintance,I perdirle think it can help you send it. Cheers

Dear Rahul,

I did but no more Defla. But I sent e-mail to them and wait for their feedback. Tks, Rahul.

Dear Eddy,

I have no friend there but thanks anyway Eddy.


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