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Our son is to be fitted for a power assist chair next week.  Over the phone, the  clinic pt mentioned that she'd like to also try him out with a crocodile walker.  Have any of your sons used a walker?  Our son is only 7, but falls often and has little upper body strength.  He can't carry his backback.  So, my husband and I are not understanding how he could utilize a walker.  Along the same lines, I'm also not sure that he can be independent in a power assist chair, but we're going to try it out.  I'd love your input.  Thanks,


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A power assist chair was recommended for my son at 8. He tried one and he was all over the place (not in a good way). He is just so uncoordinated. He is an amazing scooter driver though. Can't imagine how a walker would be beneficial though. Maybe in his classroom, but uses a scooter or chair to get around campus?
austin used a scooter at age 7, after serial casting, it helps with balance, not so much if the kiddo is losing strength also. i would say go for a power chair, or the go go scooter.
He uses a scooter at school already and loves it. The doctors don't much like it because it doesn't give much support. The rational for getting the power assist chair was that we'd need a back-up later anyway, it's more portable for out of school, and would give proper support. I'm just not sure that he can physically maneuver either one. We'll be trying them both out next Monday. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried a walker. I don't want to be talked into something that he'll never use.

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