Moein shared this with me. I've sent a message to them asking for more information. All I can say is thank you to Moein and wow to the potential of the possibilities this can bring!

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The question I have is how long it will take to be used to help our boys
They hope 3-5 years to launch a clinical trial
I get an answer from Dr Cohn he think 2-3 years

 Wow... that seems sooooo long.   All the attention that is given to Crispr, you would think that it would be fast tracked sooner than that.   I am no physician but I would think the race would be on to get this treatment out before others.

Nadja said:

I get an answer from Dr Cohn he think 2-3 years

I am wondering if Sick Kids are the first one's to start a clinical trial how do US citizens get access to this trial in Canada.  I'm assuming you have to be resident of Canada.  My son has a duplication of exon 46 and I am very interested in CRISPr. Hope the US follows quickly with this technology.  

Limca, did you find out if US kids could participate in the trial?


I have not found out yet, but will be looking into it.  Will let you know once I hear anything.  

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