I have not been online for a long time. My son Hunter who is 6 years old has DMD. I hate myself day after day I love my wife and kids more then anything but i am stuck in this rut with living away from home working in alberta oil sands trying to suport my family and pay my mortgage. I hate myself because my wife is allways alone and I am missing My sons best times of his life. Somedays I feel like crying because my wife hates me me but I dont know what eslse to do i still have to earn a living no mater what so what can I do work away from home have my wife hate me or have nothing and stay home. I am so mesed up still feel like I still have two suport my family but at what cause I hate my life and would give mine fore Hunter in a heart beat I have no Idea what I should do anymore stay home have no money or work and have averyone hate you because you are never home I love what choices I have been given I choose my job hunter gets all the coverage he needs I choose the other road I cant even aford my mortgage so what should I do. Please help I cant take it anymore.

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I was deeply moved by what you wrote and situation that you are in. I am wondering if you've shared these feelings with your wife. I mean really let her know how discouraged you are and the helplessness that you feel. If you can't tell her in words, maybe you could have her read what you posted. It may open the door for both of you to communicate and understand the different burdens you both have to carry. Just a thought.
I'm praying for your family.
I am so deeply moved by you and burdened by what you are going through. I will pray for you. Please don't give up. Please don't. For us if it was not for our faith in Jesus, we would have no hope. We have hope in Jesus and have so much to live for and Jesus gives us our true joy. So much that I can smile everyday because I am truly happy. Let me know what else I can do for you. John 3:16
I feel for you so much! Is it at all possible that your family can live closer to where you are working? Three provinces doesn't sound like a lot, but you probably feel like you're on the other side of the world. I realize it's a lot to move a family and especially to find all the 'right' doctors again, but it is obvious to you, by the sounds of it, that you and your wife are drifting apart. Your son needs both of you. I think Danelle is right with telling your wife, whether it is via e-mail or phone, how you're feeling. I think the others too can agree that we can almost see your tears. I hope the best for you and we'll all be thinking of you. Take care.

Thank you all your support. My wife Sam and I are drifting appart thats for sure but we know we love eachother and I guess sometimes I dont realise haw hard it is for her two be alone taking care of Hunter and our youngest son Nolan all by herself. I am going to see about taking the whole summer off work 3months on medical leave of abscence and my benifite pay me too be off so no stress about money. I am going to take both my kids fishing all summer seeing we have house on lake and I have not been able to enjoy it. Once again thank you for all your support and its good too be back online with everybody again.

Shawn Blais

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