I'am a multimedia student so i'am using the computer about 10 hours a day at lest , i don't  use the laptop keyboard for typing ,but with mouse i could typing using "on screen keyboard" in windows.

some time even the pressing on the mouse click gets hard especially in winter as a result of cold in my fingers , Iam asking if any one using another devices instead of the mouse ,i see so much devices on the rahap. websites but i can not figure out what wold works in my specific mobility  condition .

whats your opinions ?

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Wondering if a 'speech to text' (voice recognition) software would help? I have no experience with this for my son who is just 14, but it was suggested as an idea for future use.

I hope you are able to find a reasonable solution Ameer. Good luck!


Voice recognition is not so good for Arabic language that it my fist language  ,If you interested ,  you can see this website of several Technics for pointing and switches in the US  http://www.rehabmart.com/category/Pediatric_Assistive_Technology_Sw...

thanks for your advice :)


Ah, I see. Thank you for educating me.

Try and Desk electric heater to keep fingers warm.   And try a gaming mouse like a Razer they let you adjust mouse sensitive and I think buttons are easier to press. 

Great solutions , thanks Jason  , I will search for them in the web and try to find how could i get them .

Have not tried it, but looks interesting http://www.mycestro.com/shop/white-right-hand-mycestro/

It could be fine , but not for me , I cant lift my hand in this way , i can only slid my arm with in short distance . 

thanks jason for your heeding.


I'm not sure if you read slashdot or not, but there was a story on there just recently about Samsung and some eye mouse products they're working on.  The article and the comments might give you some options:


This was one of the products mentioned:


Tobii EyeMobile - Control Windows 8 Pro tablets using only your eyes  


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