Combination of arginine and deflazacort more beneficial than deflazacort alone?

I am fairly new to this site but what is the situation regarding nitric oxide synthase (dystrophin associated protein), oxidative stress and muscle degeneration.

I saw this in

Canadian scientists published the results of a study recently suggesting that the combination of arginine and deflazacort (a standard corticosteroid drug used in the treatment of MD) is more beneficial than deflazacort alone. Mdx mice were treated for three weeks with deflazacort, placebo, or deflazacort plus arginine. They were subsequently assessed for evidence of muscle degeneration and regeneration initiated by 24 hours of voluntary exercise. Although deflazacort alone prevented the progressive loss of function that ordinarily occurs in such mice, the deflazacort/arginine combination yielded still more impressive protection from exercise-induced muscle damage and “induced a persistent functional improvement in distance run.” According to the scientists, these results offer a new treatment option that might improve quality of life (Archer JD et al 2006).

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I would definitely give deflazacort + l-arginine than deflazacort alone.
How much l-arginine would be given daily to a 55 lb. 8 year old on deflazacort? Lukey takes Juven which has some l-arginine in it but one packet of Juven lasts more than a day in his drink. Thank you, Joanne (Lukey's grandma)
We've recently stopped l-arginine (Juven). Sam had been on it for about 4 years or so. We stopped b/c his last cardiac MRI showed some mild fibrosis. With the recent paper showing l-arginine could possibly cause cardiac fibrosis (in mice), we decided it wasn't a supplement worth keeping at this point.
I see that a clinical trial for L-Arginine will be initiated soon.I was thinking that this supplement is of no benefit,but if it will enter the clinical trial,it means that there is a debate about it to increase Utrophin.
Once I read that it might promote cardiac fibrosis,so we don't know if this supplement can be given to our son or not!

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