Clinical trial with stem cells in DMD boys in 2012 in Brazil? (Portuguese translator needed)

Can anyone in the PPMD community translate this?

Does it really say there will be scientific trial and if so, what is the trial structure?



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Sao Paulo - Brazilian researchers should test on humans an unprecedented treatment with stem cells. Carriers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy will receive for the first time in the country, stem cells taken from another person. Even today, Brazil was only stem cells from the patient.

According to the researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP) Mayana Zatz, the first tests with patients may occur in late 2012. Volunteers will search for young people with the disease that affects male children and causes degeneration of the muscles. "Some children lose the ability to walk too early," he said.

Mayana Zatz is director of the Center for Human Genome Research Institute and the National Stem Cell. It is also a leading authority on research on the subject in the country. The researcher interviewed the program was 3-1 at the headquarters of TV Brazil, last Thursday, (17).

She said during the program, Brazil has research centers in developing cutting-edge research on stem cells. In the case of treatment of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, will be used stem cells extracted from fat.

According Mayana Zatz explained that stem cells from healthy donors will be treated and implanted in the muscles of sick patients. The cells, by their biological characteristics, will turn into muscle tissue and regenerate muscles affected by the disease. "The cells removed from liposuction in a muscle can generate," he said.

The researcher said that this procedure has been tested in rats and dogs. She said the animals were observed for up to three years and showed no side effects. "Until now we had very interesting results," he said. "No tumors," he added.

The possibility of developing tumors in patients who undergo stem cell treatment is precisely the major concern of researchers. In Germany, a child who has undergone such treatment had this side effect.

Because of the risk, Mayana Zatz says you have to be very careful before any testing in humans.She believes, however, that the technique developed in Brazil is ready to enter this phase. For this to happen, the research project on treatment for muscular dystrophy will have to be evaluated for an ethics committee of researchers. For the researcher, the approval may take a while, but will provide more security for future research

Thank you so much Juan. I will endeavor to learn more about Mayana Zatz and Unversity of Sao Paulo, and share what I can.


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