I'm having a heck of a time shopping for my 9 y/o. with DMD. Lets get a good discussion going for gift ideas.

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American idol kareoke for the Wii. My 8 yr old played ot for the first time last week and loved it. Warning is that Simon insults you if you dont perform well, but dylan just thinks its funny.
My son has always been a big fan of Legos. We go to the Lego store online and buy him the really big sets. We have a wheelchair heighth table that he works the sets on. Then he takes them apart and makes different things with them. He also loves to build model cars and planes.

my 10 year olds birthday is saturday, his combined xmas, bday list includes, i pod touch (so cool) , animorphs books ( he and my husband are addicted to this series) nintendo ds, spykee robot (also really cool) bakugon stuff (not my favorite, but popular with peers) digital camera, wii games, a gaming chair for ipod, wii and movie veiwing, an eye-clops mini projector, a u-create computer game station, ub funkeys ( a computor game, with little guys that go with it, very cool, not expensive). he, of course got everything on his list, because i think its all good choices for him and his abilities, i added on an erector set and a simple circuit set for some educational, non- video game options. i actually love shopping for him, cool age, so many things to keep him busy and "active" he gets bored easily!

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