Got kicked out of boys and girls club in port st ucie, fl. Do not know where else to turn. I need to work but everything point at staying home please help

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We've had the same problem, over and over.  I have no good advice, sadly.  I'd like to know how much of a problem this is for other Duchenne kids -- I'm sure there's no quick fix, but have you found any resources or therapies that seem to help?  In my case, my son hits -- explosive temper, no impulse control, .... Has anyone tried a service or therapy dog?

I am thankful to have been working at home since my boy was 7. I don't know how you guys do it otherwise. You have my greatest respect
David what type of work do you go from home? Every daycare would not take him for the summer. I am so fed up with no help anywhere. The Mda should be in charge of finding schools and care.
I work as an internet engineer. I heard of some families getting together and sharing cost of a home health care aide. The boys get social time by visiting each house, the aide makes a bit more $ than usual, but the families save by sharing cost. Anybody close? Perhaps your regional rehab center would help here?

Thanks, David -- that's worth exploring. 

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