Three weeks ago my son developed a rash on one side of his back and we were told it was chicken pox.  The spots were not itchy and did not blister or follow the typical course for chicken pox.  He was started immediately on an anti viral for 5 days because he has been on Deflazacort for 5 years now.  He is in the GSK trial and he was given his injection on his bottom that same day, two days later we had to take him to the Dr and it turned out he had a bacterial infection at the site of his injection.  Now three weeks later he has red spots again (around 40) on his bottom, that are mostly on one side of his body.  About 10 of them are in a straight line.  We had a Dr. look at them and he said it was not chicken pox, probably just bites of some sort.  The Dr that diagnosed chicken pox the first time was in Montreal (where we go for the GSK trial).  The Dr. that saw him at home two days later for the bacterial infection did not think they were chicken pox and wanted to stop his anti virals.
Anybody else have any experience with chicken pox after being immunized against them?  

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Hi Jennifer,

Yes, we had a chicken pox "scare" last winter. As you know, Simon is in the same trial as your son. In our case it was younger brother who came down with a case, despite being vaccinated (was a very mild case in the end, maybe 25 spots or so,  I think the vaccine did help for that. His school bus seat-mate had it bad). Simon (also had been vaccinated against chicken-pox) was prescribed anti-virals by the Montreal docs just in case since he was immunocompromized with the steroids, but he did not get any spots. They were mostly worried that he could pass the virus to other immunocompromized children in the hospital during the weekly visit, so he had to wear the heavy-duty mask and be seen in a negative pressure isolation room for a month (cancer ward). But told him to go to school and be in the general public, no problem.

One time when I was a kid I got impetigo on the butt one summer, probably from staying in my wet bathing suit too much. Could it be that?

Hope you get down the the bottom of it ;-} , and that he is feeling ok.


I would suggest you take him to see  dermatologist. If is on the skin a dermatologist is your best bet to get correct diagnosis.


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