For anyone who has had a chairlift installed in their home, did your medical insurance pay for it?

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When my son's family got their chairlift, they bought it used from a Craigslist ad at a decent price  They did not try for insurance,  Their insurance pays minimally for durable medical equipment and they were at their max for the year anyway.

And I meant stairlift too!
Thanks Rosalene:  That's a good suggestion about looking into buying a used one.  I'm glad you understood what I meant when I said chairlift instead of stairlift.   Thanks for the suggestion.

Rosalene Graham said:
And I meant stairlift too!

Our insurance did not cover it.  We were able to get some funding help from the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation. 


Hey Terry,  Patti Frank here.  We  have two chairlifts.  They were about $2,500.  And we never put in to ins. for them.  I don't think they will pay but jsut forgot about it but we just submitted to Catastrophic fund for them.  It's now about a 6 month wait to get money back from them,.  But its' great to know we have it. 


Hope all is well.  Talk soon.

Thanks Patti:  One company quoted $3,999.00, which is quite a bit more than what you paid.  He said it operated on a different system and was more durable and long lasting, plus very quiet.  I think maybe a little more shopping around is in order to get price quotes from other companies.  Patti, maybe you would know better than me, but I thought I read somewhere that Gov. Christie was reducing or eliminating the Catastrophic illness fund???

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