I am trying to get a website set up for the disabled in our area that would allow anyone to enter their condition into the site and it would link them to the agencies,charities,church groups and different functions available to them.I don't know about y'all,but i spend countless hours trying to get information about local services that can help me meet Benjamin's needs,only to find that word of mouth from other parents has been my best source.It seems to me that if we had a central site in our area that all interested parties could go to(those needing services and those trying to help with those services) it would save countless hours and be of great benifit.Everyone I talk with about this idea here in Montgomery agree it's needed.I have contacted the state and got an application for a grant,have talked to some local college tech guys who said they would help,and have talked to some volunteers who said they would help.Now for my problem,everybody seems to be looking at me to get it set up,which is fine by me,but I've never done anything like this before and I'm a little lost about how to get this going.Any suggestions would be welcome.Tom Evans

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