Tory is going to turn 8 this summer and we are looking at a scooter for distance walking. I have been trying to find out where we can go for funding of a scooter - we don't want to disallow the funding of his chair when we need it. Where do we go for help!!!!!

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Hi Kelly,
I`m in Manitoba. We haven`t gotten to the scooter as of yet, but we did just get a wheelchair, Joshua calls it a stroller, from the Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Winnipeg. We are involved with Children Special Services, a helping ``good`` side of CFS. They work it into the funding for the year and purchase it for you. When you are finished with it in 1,2,3 or 6 years, you give it back to them. It might be worth looking into. We were thinking of going through the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities, but they said it was up to CSS to fund. Hope this might help some, take care!


Does anyone know what resources are available in Nova Scotia for scooters/wheelchairs?



Did you find any help?



We live in Quebec and have gotten both a manual wheelchair and a mobility scooter covered (Revo brand). We did have a mobility scooter, also a Revo (but with an adult sized seat) on loan from Muscular Dystrophy Canada for 2 years before he got this one with a pediatric seat. Like Naomi said above, it's his until he doesn't use it anymore and then you give it back. 

Each were ordered, measured, etc. by the occupational therapist. He just got to choose the color (they made a mistake with the scooter, as he wanted red and they delivered a blue, but we never said anything). The wheelchair came through the local rehabilitation center, and the scooter came from a larger rehab hospital in Montreal.

There are funds from Tim Hortons, Loblaws, Lion's Clubs,etc but often depending on your income. Your OT or PT should be able to give you a list or look into it for you.

Some folks I know have gotten second hand wheelchairs off Craig's List, eBay, or local trading sites, if your are not fussy about scratches, dents, etc. Just specify that it is for pediatric use. The OT took several different measurements on Simon to determine the dimensions and settings, like seat width, height from foot pedals to seat, arm rest height, etc.

Good luck.



Your children's hospital should have someone to help you work through funding issues and you can get in touch with this person through your OT.

Jacob's OT has just caused us grief with the scooter but maybe you will have better luck.

I'm dealing with our family doctor's office now and hopefully that will work out.  My husband and I both have private plans - that we pay for - so I don't know why our OT is so "odd" about us using them.  We're not asking for public funds - just to use the insurance coverage we pay for.  For us, it is a work in process....


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