So Im wondering if someone wouldnt mind me asking a few question's concerning Duchennes in boys age 9 My son has started weting on himself and when I ask him he tells me "mommy please dont be mad at me I didnt know I did it" we ask the doctor we had before and she said in no way did it have anything to do with the MD ,yet the older he gets the more it happens.
I understand doctors are different everywhere so Im wondering if any of you can answer this question for me.

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Hi Lisa,

This subject comes up quite a bit under Social Issues.

My kid is 6 and a half and has a similar probelm for the last 2 months. He has not wet his bed but would go to the rest room very often at school. At night he would not even get up for a pee.

Our doctor said that since the urination frequency was normal at night the excessive urination during the day could be stress related. My son had been asking lot of questions about why he is differnet from other kids and probably this has been playing in his head.

Anyways, he has been on a medication of (Dridase in Netherlands) and has improved significantly. The mediaction is supposed to last another month and then we are told that he will be not going to the rest room so much.

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