Hi here,

I have a son in South Africa, he is 18 and has been finding the transition into manhood really really hard.  He has been seeing someone in South Africa for his depression and she has phoned to say that he needs to go onto medication as he is having suicidal thoughts. This is all coming about because he has no girlfriends,  he has no friends,  he is bored, he cant drive a car like his brother, he cant do anything for himself and the sad list goes on. He is on Prozac one a day and I have been really worried to change his medication because some of there sedating effects. I also cannot get anyone in South africa to explain what Jarryd can and cant take.  Can anyone advise me what tablets for depression,  anxiety he is safe to to take and what to stay away from.  He also takes a beta blocker and ace inhibitor daily and metformin for insulin. I would really love to get some help even if there is a website or a doctor i could email.  Thanks Duchenne family Maxine from Sunny South Africa,

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You should email Dr. Wong at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. She maybe able to help you. Brenda.Wong@cchmc.org
Hi Maxine

Johnny is 18 also and is very sad alot too. I find having him do what he can do makes him some what happy. He loves hockey and baseball so we take him to many games and yes he is spoiled. My two other sons and his cousin are around alot with their girlfriends. His grandmother and grandfather spend alot of time with him too. Johnny is very sad too because he doesnt have a girlfriend, job or can drive a car. It breaks ny heart when he cries. I have said it before I kept him alive just so he is here but it sucks because he is no longer little and now wants what he cant have.

If you would like to email me I'd be happy to share our son's journey. He is very private so I don't feel comfortable sharing it on a form like this but I can tell you after 2 yrs of therapy and medication he is doing well and happier than I have seen him in years. He is now in college and living on campus and loving it. Good luck! Cheri
Hi Maxine,
I'm 26 with DMD, I take an antidepressant called Amitryptyline, no adverse breathing effects or heart. Drowsiness can be a problem, but i varied my dose, so i'm not out of it all the time. I take it for its pain relieving side effects but i have had depression and I'm much better since. Also my faith guides me, i have bought myself a bible to read daily. One last thing avoid opiate drugs they affect breathing badly.

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