Does anyone know of a chewable or liquid form of C0Q10? I have to break open the caplet and mix with yogourt. Not even sure if it working the same? Any sugestions would be appreciated.
He can swallow 1200 mg of Vit. D (3 caplets)daily and has chewable Omega 3's and Multi. He is starting Deflazacourt in the new year which I hope is not a big pill either..

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Thanks very much Barbara

Barbara said:
To Marian:
Vitafusion makes a peach-flavored gummy version of CoQ10. I've seen it sold at Target stores in the US; I don't know its availability elsewhere. The 6 mg deflazacort pill is very small. My son (almost 6) swallows it with a bite of pudding or other soft food.

To Susana:
Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant. Oxidation (= chemical reactions with oxygen) is a naturally occurring kind of damage to molecules, and it can happen to molecules inside cells, and that can help lead to health problems, which is why antioxidants are a hot topic. (If your cells don't work right, your body won't work right.)

Antioxidants are used to bind up loose oxygen in order to make the oxygen less available to react with other molecules. Oxidation has a role in DMD (it's one of several things happening to cause damage to the muscle cells). I don't know how much evidence there is yet of measuable results in DMD, but it's one those things where you figure: it's cheap, it's easy, and it doesn't cause any harm. So a lot of people use it, both for DMD & for general health.

CoQ10 is marketed for heart health, but I suspect whatever benefits it has aren't limited to the heart. It won't give more strength. It may help slow down damage.
Thank you God bless for the info, I think the liquid will be the easiest for us right now too.

Godbless said:
Liquid from EOIC is very good. My sons levels went up after using it. I changed to the chewable this time and while my sons takes them, he does not like the taste on the chewable. I will switch back to liquid next time.
We use the gummy CoQ10 from Vitafusion and my son loves them. We have purchased these at Target, but it looks like Target will no longer sell them. We've also pruchased them from drugstore.com.

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