Our son, Will, broke his wrist when he tripped out of our camping tent.  He caught is his foot on the lip of the bottom of the tent.  He is now in a cast and it unfortunately, it's his dominate hand.  We are still do finger flexors....but wondering if any of our other boys have been a cast for 3-4 weeks and whether it effected their fingers/hand fine motor movements....and if there are any ideas on keeping the fingers from stiffening up.  Will is age 8 (just turned in August).  Thanks Char Burke 

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Does he play with Theraputty...our son loves that stuff!!! He does it for fine motor mov't and strength and we hide things like pennies, marbles, cars in it and he pulls it apart and finds it...make sure he does it away from any material and if by happen chance he does get some on his cast, it comes off easily by using purrell or any hand sanitizer takes it off in a jiffy =)
Char, just read this! So sorry!!!! SIgn Seph's name on Wills cast for us!!
Hi Char,

I'm sorry to hear about Will :-(. Please call me if you need anything!!!!!!!!!!

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