My son who is aged 20 years has lot of breathing issues.

Although he is on a trilogy unit at night time which has helped him sleep better relatively than before, yet whenever winter sets in or if it is cold or chill outdoors he has either a nose block or throat congestion and if neither, he complains that the mask is not proper and air is not entering his nostrils fully .Hence  he often gets up tired , feels  lightheaded at times , has headaches  which adversely affect his studies. all test have been done for sinus, headaches and results show everything is okay.  These days he often resorts to putting the mask during day time for  brief periods and claims that he feels better after doing that. he does use a cough assist everyday too. ( he has tried  numerous masks and finally felt that Amara view mask works well for him)

The headgear of the Respironics Amara View full face mask, howeve,r gets worn out pretty fast.

Is anyone facing similar issues and how are they coping/resolving it ?

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For stuffed nose my brother takes zyrtec and a nasal spray and when really congested zyrtec with decongestant.  Try using try heated humidifier attached to trilogy the cold air could cause inflammation .

I use the trilogy 24/7 as a bi-pap at night and during the day as a volume ventilator with a mouthpiece like a pipe.  

If using trilogy as bi-pap make sure the exhalation pressure is as low as it goes you don't want carbon dioxide levels too high.    

Thank You. my son uses trilogy on bipap settings with humidifier.

he used zyrtec and nasal spray .However the sprays don't agree with him as he feels a burning sensation when he uses them.

shall check with his pulmonoligst about the mouth piece.

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