I had been observing that since few weeks now ,my son uses restroom to move his bowel almost after he eats anything.I do not know what is the reason.his frequency in urination has also increased,If it is cold he will void almost every 30 min to 45 min.have any of you experienced this problem ,p
lease suggest me how to handle this situation,

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Hi Archana, while I haven't any specific help to offer, I found this interesting because my son has also recently started to have frequent urination issues, though not bowel. He's almost 5, and just started prednisone a few months ago. Everything is going well thus far outside of this urination change. Our doctor said that this is not related to the prednisone, so we went to our regular GP to get him checked out for urinary tract infections, but this wasn't the case either. He will feel the need to urinate at least every 30 minutes, and sometimes much more frequently - and often there is almost no urinary volume. He's not over-consuming liquids, so we're mystified.
dr wong discovered last year that max, age 7, on deflazacort, was urinating frquently due to constipation, he had bms daily, but i guess wasn't going all the way. we use miralax now, and the frequent urinating has stopped... just a thought
Thanks .let me try miralax and see if it helps.

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