My husband and I are trying to decide what to get our son for his birthday.  He is turning 13.  He has minimal use of his arms and hands are weak.  He loves the outdoors and plays his ipad.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Sarah, have you thought of maybe a camera? You can get some really excellent, lightweight ones, and there are also tripods/stands that are wheelchair mountable if needed. You can get 'remote control' triggers for cameras too so that arms/hands don't have to do so much work. Try googling the disabled photographers association for details.
If he loves his iPad, you can purchase some really cool photographic editing apps too.

Just an idea based on my friend's son (age 16) who has become a really talented photographer/designer through using technology like the above mentioned. Hope your son has a fab birthday.


Thanks for the idea!  I haven't really thought of that. With Garrett liking nature it might be a good option for him.


Hi Sarah-- We shared this question on our Facebook page and got some great responses! 

Thank you for sharing this on Facebook!  There are so many great ideas!

In case this comes up, I bought my 14-year-old son a AR-Drone Quadracopter. It is a bit big though and I think somewhat overwhelming for him.

I just remembered - last year we got an Air Swimmer remote controlled shark. Very cool and not so expensive.

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