Hi Guys,
I son is 5.5 yr and he used to ride tricycle but now he is having hard time with it I guess becuase he has out grown it. I am looking for bike with trainning wheels for him. We have tried bikes in toys r us but it seems it is going to be hard for him to ride it. Are suggestions on bike? Are there any especial bikes or with any special feature making things little easier for our sons?

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We just use a standard bike with training wheels. Sam does get tired on it rather quickly. There are motors you can buy to add to the bike to help power them. I've seen a lot of them on eBay.
My son is also 5 and seemed to have a hard time with the bikes in Toys R Us. We ended up going to a bike store and found out that bikes made by Specialized are a good bit lighter. I think they are aluminum. We actually just got him one last weekend for his 5th birthday. They are a little pricey, but he seemed to have a much easier time riding it. We have also learned that the bike shop can add a 2nd gear to the bike, which will make it even easier to pedal, so we're planning to take it back soon to have that added. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice.
I was happy to know that motors will help him to ride bike.
For now i think he is too young for motors but definetly nice to know that it would help him in future.
I will check out teh bike store. Also i was thinking of putting handle that will help us to push.
thanks again.
My 6 year old rides a small bike with extra large training wheels. I recommend them if balance is a problem (they are pricey, so if the regular training wheels aren't posing a problem, then stick with those). I ordered them from -- you need to take a couple of bike measurements before ordering.
Thanks Barbara,
I got him a regular bike with the handle, he is doing ok with but we need to push him a little bit. Inshort he needs our help to ride it.
i will keep your advice in mind.
Our son was really struggling with his bike, especially on any kind of incline. We wound up getting him a small electric scooter, which has been among the best money I've ever spent. He was almost 9 when he got it. It's pretty fast, it's not for little kids for sure, but for someone that has the balance and responsibility, but lacks the strength to pedal a regular bike - this thing is awesome.

That's pretty cool looking Keith. For us, out in the country on rough terrain and gravel roads it was a quad. It's been the best thing we ever bought Daniel. He also has an electric scooter for shopping/school and anything on cement and even surfaces. Definately doesn't work around a farm though. There are lots of modes of transportation to help our sons. Just have to find the right ones that work best for your situation.
Yes we thought about electric scooter too but we wait till he learns to balance. Can they carry with them to school? It may be heavy when they have to pick it up , right?

Can our son do roller scates? Yesterday when he was riding a bike, he saw his friend roller scating and he kind of got excited.


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