Today, our almost 8 year-old son came home with his Interim Report card (Trimester 2)
He is in the 2nd grade. He is progressing in all subject areas ( LA, Math, Science, SS, Religion).
The only comment on the report written by his teacher was this one...

"Mark is a bright boy and is doing well - but he's still pretty social in class."

I guess that means he's chatty? Is this what she means in teacher terminology? If so, what do I do about this? I have asked him to cover his mouth when he feel impulsive to talk during her lectures but he says he forgets to do this.
Any helpful hints in correcting this problem? Or, is this a lost cause since there is no dystrophin and since he's on a steroid? I'm not sure year after year other teachers will be as tolerant of this behavior as the one he has this year.


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Hi,everyone my son is 7.5yrs old started steroids 3 days ago!!! he been having behavior problem since HEAD START PROG . don't listen to the teachers does things his way,talk too much about everything, in 2nd grade he's doing better,
What I want to say it seems that DMD is the cause for their behavior,and may be steroids will make it worst.???
My son has the same problem in school. He gets all his work done, but he talks NONE STOP and disturbes every one, drives the teacher crazy! She is a wonderful teacher, has a son of her own with a disability, she teaches a "cluster class". My son also has ADHD, so he's a little talkative and figity from that, but no matter what you tell him, how many bribes you give him to not talk, he still does, at school and at home. We just put him on Adderall, that has seamed to really help. My son loves the attention he gets from being social from his peers, I think it's a way he feels he can "fit in". I would just say to keep in really good contact with his teachers and come up with good ideas together to reward him for NOT talking too much, hopefully that will help.

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