We are looking to purchase a home and are carefully inspecting bathrooms to see if they would be large enough to accomodate a roll-in shower. Does anyone have an opinion of the roll-in shower? Do I really need that? What about those lifts for getting them in and out of the tub? Any advice??? My son is ten and does not REQUIRE this yet, but want to make sure the home we buy or build will work for the future.

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Our son is 21, we have no room for a roll in shower and moving is not in our plans right now. We bought a shower/commode chair that works in the tub and it is working great for us. This is the chair we have: http://www.myshowerbuddy.com/our-products/tubbuddy-with-tilt

We have a travel chair that we have used in roll in showers in hotels and they work great, you may get a bit wet helping them when they can no longer wash themselves.


Thanks for the info. Most houses cannot accomodate a roll-in shower. Why are all toilets directly beside the tub?! Anyway, he can still wash himself, but want to invest in something that will work in the future as well.

We bought a fiberglas kit that replaces the tub with a roll-in shower the same size as the tub. It would be nice to have a larger roll-in, but it works. I found it on-line and it cost about $1,300 (ten years ago!) and had a handiman install it. We are now living in my son's apartment and have a shower chair that docks to an insert in the tub. We roll the chair with my son on it into the bathroom, dock it to the insert, and slide him over the tub. Ours is made out of pvc pipe--I just cannot find the name anywhere on it. Internet search.


There must be adequate clearance so you may have to move the toilet if you choose the slide-over-tub system.


we have a minivator.  it is a bathseat that we can lower into the bathtub by a remote. My son is 13 and he likes baths instead of showers.  We are in the process of redoing our bathroom, but since we can still transfer him to this seat easily we are keeping the tub. he has been in a wheelchair for several years.

Yep you do unless your really strong and like to lift X number of pounds of dead weight into and out of a tub that that now you will have to monitor like a cat watching a mouse, ... cause if the child slips / falls, etc. in a tub many, many bad things can happen.

So get the roll-in and save yourself the anguish.



ABSOLUTELY -  we built an accesible home last yr and we put in a roll in shower.  Our 6 yr old can shower him self, hold on to grab bars and no need for us to help him in & out... as there are no steps/tub -  we have an accesible shower chair for him to use if he gets tired... we like the chair too -  if you have other questions about bathrm or accesible home reach out,  - im on fb too


I agree.  The more independence you can give back to your son the better.  Having to transfer in and out of tub or chair is dangerous for both you and your son.  A roll-in shower is definitely needed in the early years and later on especially. 

When we built our house we put in a shower that can be rolled in and out of.

I dont know if it is of use but we also moved the shower controls onto the wall near where you go into the shower rather than underneath the shower head, which is where they are usually put. Means our son can get the water the way he wants it without having to be underneath the shower when it first starts - if you know what I mean!

We have travelled alot with Benjamin and have learned just how much easier a roll in shower makes bath time. Our home does not have one, but we make sure that every hotel we stay at has a roll in shower. Do yourself and your son a favor and make sure you have a roll in shower, if at all possible. It allows your child so much more freedom in the shower. It may seem like a small difference while your child is still walking and mobile, but it is a world of difference once he becomes totally wheelchair bound.


If you can get a  the roll-in shower, I highly recommend it. As a 30-year-old, it definitely makes life a lot easier.  It definitely has saved my parent's backs.

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