My son with DMD is 10 and is now in a power chair full time. He is having a hard time balancing when we stand him up to take a step or two from wheelchair to toilet. im wondering if we need to consider a condom catheter urinal at school. To use a regular urinal, I will need to get him adaptive clothing. That's an option too. Can anyone tell me what works well? He is already over 100 lbs and I'm afraid the special Ed aide will not be able to continue transferring him. Thanks!

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my son graduated high school this year and all through middle and high school the staff have been able to assist him in the bathroom in high school he reached 180 lbs and still were able to assist with a hoyer lift or just  having him go in an urinal that we would have in the back of his chair in a dark colored tote bag for when he needed it.  I was written in his IEP toilet assistance.  We did not need adaptive clothing he just always wore elastic wasted pants or sweat pants.

Hi Kelly,

My son Baylor is 12 1/2 now. He weighs 82 lbs. and has used a power chair since 8 1/2. His aide is no longer able to lift him on the toilet. She assists him with a urinal that we created  ourselves, as a regular urinal didn't work for him. We always put looser fitting elastic waist sweats on him which makes it easy for the front to be pulled down and the urinal to be used. He still requires help with the process, as he is too weak to hold the urinal in place, but it works well thus far. I have been going to the school to help his aide when he has to go #2, as he is much too heavy for her to transport him safely and not hurt herself in the process. The school, is now looking into a lift that will fit in the bathroom Baylor uses at school. Unfortunately, it has taken some legal intervention to get them to do the right thing. This has been a journey of trial and error and ingenuity when it comes to tackling the accessibility challenges of our dear son. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  

Nice advice..

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