Hi all,  we are in the process of renovating our bathroom to make it more accessible for my son.  We have limited space so we cannot make it much larger without compromising our accessible routes to get around the house.  My specific question is if there is anything that you didnt do in a renovation that you realize you should have to make bathroom more accessible. 

Thank you.


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Hi MaryEllen,

How did you make out with your renovations? We are embarking on bathroom renovations now and I'm wondering if you have any do or don'ts .

Our son only showers - with a shower chair- and I'm wondering if he will need a bathtub in the future. If we can do without a tub in this bathroom we will obviously have more room. We can install a tub in a bathroom on the another floor, which isn't fully accessible for our daughter. But, we only want to do this once so....any input would be appreciated.


Hello MaryEllen,   
I would recommend you to install a freedom shower, it comes with built-in seat, designer shower head and with a slip resistant textured floor.
Recently I had renovated my bathroom to make it more accessible for my sister. I had installed a Freedom shower as a replacement for my traditional bathtubs, in my bathroom by the professionals walk in bathtubs Tacoma (http://www.walkinbathtubwa.com/wheelchair-accessible-bath/) team. You can also install a freedom shower it is constructed with a self-supporting and pre-leveled base and it is made of fiberglass wrapped by wood backing.

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