My son will be 5 on April 1st and recently has been having some wicked backaches. Last night he woke up screaming saying, "my back, my back" . He cried and screamed for about 3-5 minutes and then finally calmed down. This is not the first time this has happened. One day my husband picked him up and placed him on his bed so he could put his braces and shoes on and my son started screaming then too saying his back. It has happened on numerous other occasions too. Just wondering if you all have had the same issue. My son has a lot of developmental issues so his speech is way behind so its hard for him to say exactly where is hurting...

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My son (9) has the same issue. Tends to happen more the day after rough housing or if he sits down too hard. Dr. Wong ordered x-rays, but they showed no fractures. I suppose she'll do it on his next visit as well. I'd mention it to your doctor, as most of our boys have somewhat or very weak bones.
Justin(almost 14), has had back issues since he was about 6. He had many many x-rays, ct scans, mri's, and bone scans. Nothing ever showed. We all think now that it was/is because of his poor posture and that one side of his back muscles would weaken some before the other, thus causing them to be strained. Now, if we move Justin in a certain way or he sits wrong, he has issues. We use ice packs when it is at its worse.


Hi, our one son complains of back aches he does have compression fractures in his back, so he was put on a medication which I can't remember the name of at this moment sorry, it is given through a IV it takes 3 days and each time it take about 4 hours and has to be repeated every 3 months and since Taylor has had it he has had no back pain at all.


We pray for your son and wish that you pray for us

We've found much relief through the use of several interventions: weekly visits with a good physical therapist (who is used to working on neck/shoulder/back strains/pain/etc.) who uses a TENS unit, ultrasound, soft tissue work and extensive manipulation; bi-monthly visits with a good massage therapist for +/- 30 minutes of deep soft tissue and muscle work; hot packs (microwavable kind) resting on the area in pain - used whenever pain is strong; daily gentle stretching of the affected area; and daily gentle massage (+/- 5 minutes per day). The combination of these therapies have proven very effective for our 7 1/2 year old who does not have fractures, just suffers from neck/shoulder pain due to poor posture brought on by weak core muscles. We often sing songs and tell jokes and laugh, too - we're firm believers in the power God has given us to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles! God speed, Alissa. 

Our son is 7 and has also experience back pain recently. We have done x-rays and nothing seems to show as well. Everyone is telling us that it is his posture as well.  So we have just been trying to keep watch over him when he is sitting and laying down. It seems to be helping. We make sure that he sits up right when on the couch, or have him sit on the floor against the counch. He also sits on his peanut (therapy ball), and when his laying, make sure he is not laying like a pretzel. Sometimes, he can lay quite different. Also, his therapist recommended using kinesio tape on his back, and just put 2-3 strips across the back vertically so that when he starts to slouch, the tape will pull a little a kind of be as a reminder to him to sit up.  It's hard, because I don't have the best posture myself, but it's important.  Hope this helps...

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