I have to buy shoes for this school year for Aaron. Last year's pair was a FAIL for him. One of the school's IEP parties said she noted him having a lot of trouble while wearing them and recommended crocs. He was and continues to wear crocs pretty much all summer, but we live in a cold climate and he needs better coverage for a large portion of the year. What do you look for in a shoe for your son who is still walking? He fell (wearing his crocs) on the first day of school yesterday and wound up with a huge goose egg on his forehead and he was so upset. I know the shoes aren't the magic answer, but I don't want to buy something that makes his day more difficult! Please...point me in the right direction!

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I search around for the lightest weight shoe I can find, and that Sam will agree to. This year it's a Sketchers shoe. I also make sure I don't buy too big. I tend to get a bit bigger shoe with my non-DMD son to allow for growth, but I don't for Sam. It would just be something more to move around and trip over.
Speaking of shoes...is there somewhere online one can order high-tops (provides ankle support) with no laces?
We only by Stide Rite for Xavier, that is all that has ever fit him well (he wears an extra wide, which is hard to find in other shoes). We have the outlet at Albertville about 45 minutes from here and I get him shoes there for about half the price of the regular stores. Why don't you plan a trip down here this weekend and we will go hit the stores Melanie! I get his PE shoes there also. I get him hiking boots there for the winter time as he doesn't do well in winter boots. They also make everything in Velcro form, boot included. He can tie, but it takes him a while and I worry that he doesn't get them tight enough and will trip.
We find Crocs bad for our son. They make him walk awkward and he tires in them and falls more often. He still wears them a bit because he loves them. The best shoes we've found are a pair of leather-like slip on Buster Browns. The sole is fairly flat and he walks great in them and loves them. He can get them on without even bending over ....lazy kid haha. Most runners have a slightly raised heel which tends to make him walk more on his toes and trip more often. Still, that's what he wears the most. I'm trying to find some flatter soled running shoes.
We found that a light weight high top athletic shoe or hiking boot worked best. Believe it or not there are some really light weight hiking boots out there now days. They helped keep his toes up which cut down dramatically on the falls. Now since he uses his wheelchair whenever we go anywhere and we live in so cal he just wears sandals all the time.
I love these pointers, THANK YOU so much! Last year's shoes were VERY light, but also cheap (dad went shopping...which is typically OK but NOT when it comes to footwear!) and had zero flexibility and slick bottoms...BAD, BAD, BAD. Of course the male bonding session had Aaron totally LOVING the shoes and I couldn't get him to wear anything else all year. His shoes were in shreds well before school ended, but he kept wearing them because he and Dad had gone shopping together. :)

I had never thought of the toe positioning point. That makes perfect sense!! And hiking boots for winter...I'm bad at thinking outside of the box. I never considered that, and those winter boots get so heavy for the poor kid!

I'm not sure when I'm heading south next (was just down last week) but if I'm going to be in the area for any length of time I'll drop you a note Jennifer!

THANKS AGAIN everyone, and keep 'em coming if you've got more! This is such good information. (Feel free to share links to items if you have them. That's not against any rules, is it?)
If you have a Kohl's near you, I would recommend the shoes by Jumping Beans. They come in girls and boys, are super light and pretty durable, and inexpensive! Both of my kids have wide feet, and they fit like a charm. Also, most of them are either velcro straps, or a very easy to use strap/loop with a velcro attachment (like a belt buckle minus the pin). My son can't wear them for certain reasons, but my 2 1/2 year old daughter wears them and they are great.
Kelvin does fantastic with Crocs and has wore them for many, many months in a row (since Spring). I hate for the day soon when it will be too cold. He also can't stand his feet hot, so, Kelvin can be very, very difficult with shoes. The only thing he doesn't complain about is Crocs (or other brands like them). Of course, I have to buy many different kinds of socks as well, as he is super picky about socks. Michelle

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