Do you know anything about ataluren and their next steps?

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I think you have the only one recruitment place in Utah-recruiting 122 patients (all US patients from USA phase IIb)

Angela Bourgeois said:
We were in the trial Boston and our son is not on it yet.  We were expecting to hear something at the end of January but no word yet.  Is anyone on it in Boston yet?
Just got a call. St. Louis is starting back up the week of February 21st.
Anyone know why Cincy is not coming back on board ? I know Dr. Wong presented some of the data at meetings this summer, so I am surprised they are not continuing.

went through alot to do it, but legal dept and bunch of stuff couldn't make agreement in a nut shell, dr. wong tried very hard.

The last I heard (which was this week) from University of Iowa Children's is that it is going around for final signature and then Kyle will be getting back on.  So our fingers are crossed....

Jacob is starting back on Ataluren at the end of May, first of June.  Our appointment is on the 26th in Boston for the first visit and the drug will follow.

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