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Hi Janine.
It is important to collect lots of data for scientific and medical research, and what we are doing is a scientific study of the possible role of astrological factors in the birth charts of afflicted children, compared with normal children. If it is possible to identify “risk factors” at birth or at an early age, then early medical intervention may be able to alleviate the condition. The strength of astrology is its ability to indicate the time when a person is liable to fall ill. If we get enough data the work will be published.
Hi Janine
Yes you are right DMD is there from birth. My brother had DMD too.

In order to draw up a birth chart, the time, date and place (longitude/latitude) of birth are essential. This gives us the positions of the constellations and planets at the time of birth. The birth chart is like a genetic code and tells us what is in store for that person. How that persons life is going to unfold. Astrologers can study a chart and determine when there will be periods of illness or health. So with someone with DMD for example we can be prepared for times of ill health and take extra caution. For parents with undiagnosed newly born children the birth chart would at least forewarn them of some health problem in the future and encourage them to have medical tests.

Vedic astrology, has evolved over several thousands of years and is now well established and respected especially in India and is also gaining respect in the west. Medical doctors too are looking at astrology to help their patients (e.g. Dr KS Charak author of “Essentials of Medical Astrology” and “Subtleties of Medical Astrology”).
Hi Janine
Belief and reality are 2 different things. It looks like you are quite curious about astrology and perhaps doing some reading or researching the subject may be worthwhile. I qualified with a PhD in Biochemistry and I too was unsure of things outside my field. For example I could not see how acupuncture would help until I tried it for my back pain. Similarly I did not consider astrology seriously until 2009. Since then especially after attending a conference on astrology and health I have a lot of respect for astrology. There I met other PhDs and medical doctors who take the subject very seriously. Looking at my brothers chart now, we could have predicted a major problem in March/April 1984 - thats when he developed pneumonia!

As for twins you are right a difference in birth time even by a few minutes changes things. That is why an accurate birth time is crucial.
Trey was born September 9, 2004 at 1:00pm in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thanks Cori
With Trey's data we now have 21 birth charts. Steve Hubball PhD, a professional Vedic astrologer, is going through all the charts at present. As soon as we hear what he has to say, I let you know.
Best wishes
Hi Sashi,

I don't know if you're still in need of data? My son was born on the 27th November 2008, in Llantrisant, Wales, UK at 18.17pm
Yes Lisa we still need birth data from more parents. Thankyou, we will certainly include your son's information.
April 8, 1995, Covington, Louisiana, 5:48 PM
My son was born on January 15, 2002 at 8:50 AM in Chester, PA
Thankyou Donna, Regina and Rhiannon
I have put your sons birth data into our study. We now have 24 charts for DMD. It may be worthwhile presenting another summary soon, but please keep sending in the birth data.

Are you also planning to look into astrological remedies to be performed? or at the moment only trying to establish a link between birth chart and possible health impacts? Thanks.
My son Christian was born in Searcy Arkansas 12/11/97 at 11:02 pm

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