Hi I really need some advice..My son is 30 yrs old.. He has had aspiration pneumonia since august. He has had 10 bronchoscopies. He also had a sleep study and has  sleep apnea

.He uses an Ivent 101 with a mask at night and with a sip and puff during the day. The question I have is should we trach him????? Not sure what to do for him...

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Alice - i know this is a very tough subject, but has there been discussion of a feeding tube?  this would eliminate the source of the aspiration?

He has a GJ tube already...

is he receiving anything orally?

No he is to afraid to eat or drink

is he getting aspiration pneumonia from oral secretions?


there are things that they can do to try to "dry up" those secretions.  have they tried to do this?

Yes pills under his tongue and patches
Its so frustrating. .We cough assist and suction almost every 30 to 45 min
He works so hard at clearing secretions. .He has a vest too but has not be able to use it due to new pacemaker. .

has the trach been suggested to you as a possible treatment for preventing aspiration pneumonia?  or are you just trying to look at all possible solutions?  also where do you live/receive your care?  (If it's easier, you are welcome to call or e-mail me: kathi@parentprojectmd.org or 513-260-4004)

Yes it has.. We live in Wisconsin. .

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