Are there any other 8-9 year old boys in a power chair?

Our son stopped walking in April (2 months after turning 8) and now he gets around in a power chair which he enjoys very much. However, he feels like he's the only 3rd grader with special needs like this and in Houston he is (according to MDA). Please contact us if you can help!

Ronnie, Jennifer and Garrett Rodes

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Our son is older now(hes 13) but he stopped walking when he was a little over 9yrs old. He was and still is the only physically disabled student in our school district. Its rough, but hang in there!

Our son stopped walking shortly after his 7th birthday - he knew other kids with DMD his age, and they were all still walking. It's tough, but like Samantha said, it does get better.

My guy will turn 7 this weekend. We won't be surprised if he stops walking at about the same time your son did. From the descriptions that everyone gives of what their sons are able to do, it seems as though our son's DMD might be more advanced than others.
These are some good replies and perhaps more will come. Thank you Samantha, Julie and Danelle. I'd like to know where you and your boys live in hopes we can meet one another. We live in The Woodlands north of Houston, Texas and we go to NIH in Bethesda, MD yearly and starting in June we'll be going to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Garrett will be getting a new computer for Christmas so perhaps our boys can start their frienship with one another by email! By the way, Garrett is our only child and I'm 53 and my wife Jennifer is 50. She's the healthy one for now who does all his lifting cause I haven't been able to lift him for almost a year. He's now 70 lbs. and I had neck surgery last week.
There are kids around the Houston area on here, I am pretty sure. I just cant remember names right now! We live in Canton, 60 miles east of Dallas. Do you guys have a lift to transfer your son? You need to get one to save your wifes back!


There are several younger boys that I know of in the Houston area, but they are still walking. Look up the TX family group and post this question there. I am thinking that the Buller family lives in or near the Woodlands. There is also the Paschal family and they live in N. Houston (Sam, there DMD son is close to 8, I think). THere is also a group that Laurie Paschal either leads or is active in through PPMD that meets in Houston. There are brain is just in a fog right now. I am sorry they didn't see your post, but I know they would like to meet you and your family...

Good Luck!

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