my son is 11 years and half, still walking but has more and more difficulties to walk because he has retraction of the tendon. We live in France. In France doctors don't practice  aponevrectomy or tenotomy   because they immobilize the patients during 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of immobilization my son will not be able to walk any more


I have been told that in some countries, doctors immobilize the kids during 5 days only.


I would be very grateful if parents who have known this situation could answer me


-at what age your son has made the operation?

-was it aponevrectomy (muscle of leg) or tenotomy (tendon)?

-how long was the immobilization of your kid?

-has he plaster or something on the leg and how long does he keep it?

-in which town have you make the operation?

-have you seen improvement after the surgery










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My son has not had it done, but here is an article from the MDA magazine Quest.

My son did have serial casting done, and there are several other on this site that have gone through that procedure. The cast the legs with a slight stretch and then in anywhere from 3 days to a week they remove the casts and do it again giving it a little more stretch. My son went a week between castings and was able to walk in the casts. The results were very good. Unfortunately, since my son is older and very stubborn he would not stretch or wear his night braces so he has lost most if not all of the range he got.


Has your son tried the night boots? I would think that if he hasn't that would be the best place to start. Secondarily to that if he is unwilling to stretch with your help (or the stretching isn't leading to much progress) have you thought about using a tilt board to have him stand on it next to the wall while watching TV, etc, to encourage a deep stretch?

Warmest Hopes for you and your family,

Cori, PT

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