Just wondering if anyone is currently using the Deflazacort called "defnalone" manufactured by Lupin sold by getcanadiandrugs.com
Let me know please? Thanks!

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We just ordered it through Canadadrugs.com. Have you had any issues?

I ordered Seth's second round through another canadian site and it is the defnalone. It has been perfectly fine. The reason I did it is because Seth needs to take 21 mg and the 6 mg pills were crazy expensive on Masters Marketing. The 30 mg pills are even a bit smaller with the defnalone.
We use the defnalone from getcanadiandrugs. My son takes 3 of the 6mg. each day. I also noticed that this dose was way more expensive through Masters.
We do 21mg from Masters and we do 1/2 of the 30mg tab (to make 15mg) and 1 of the 6mg tablets, it's much cheaper that way, food for thought. When I started this thread I actually had a huge batch of the defnalone that was going to expire that I was keeping for an emergency supply and I wanted to give it to someone for free, but it has since expired but I did find a home for it to be used before it expired. I ended up not switching brands and we still go through Masters due to a bad shipping experience with getcanadiandrugs.com

It is an old thread but I would like to share what I know regarding this topic.

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