Any one from Delhi who could follow this lead

This paper looks to be coming from Army research hospital in Delhi. Talks about CPK dropping to 300.

Is there someone who can reach out to the docs listed in this paper or possibly the child who got this experimental stem cell treatment.

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Do you have any updates on this report?




Anup, I could not get any further information.

Am staying in Delhi near to this research and referral Hospital where this stem cell treatment was given. I spoke to Dr. in length who did this stem cell transplant. The patient was actually suffering Diamond Black Anaemia for which this stem cell treatment was planned. Later on it was found that he is suffering from DMD as well. This guy is actually wheelchair bound now and at the start of stem cell also he was wheel chair bound. His further deterioration is not there after stem cell treatment as told by his parents and also his CPK value is also down now approx. in the range of 500( exactly i don't remember as i spoke to Dr. approx 3 months back). Now Dr. is not sure whether this is beacuse of stem cell treatment or due to natural progression of disease as at some stage it becomes stable. This is a army hospital and is not open to general public. Also, they are not sure of the results as this treatment was done some 3-4 years back i believe. I asked about the patients address also so that i can speak to patient directly but unfortunately he didn't had the address at that time. He told me that he will take the address of patient during next visit but now this Dr. is transferred to Pune. Let me see if i can get more info on this. If you want i can connect you to that Dr. but i have to get his coordinates for that.


Thanks Anup for the detailed follow up.


I think the crux of the paper is in

"A muscle biopsy was performed twice postbone marrow transplantation (BMT) at days 730 and 1250 to study histopathology, dystrophin expression and chimerism status. Immunostaining for dystrophin I was reduced, dystrophin II and III were absent and there was up-regulation of utrophin."



We are following up closely in this regard. Our another friend Ambrish Kapadia( amember of PPMD community) can throw some more light on this. I'll request him to revert with more details on this. He has an experience to share in this regard.



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