Hello All,Has Summit presented any new info regarding the next phase for SMT C1100?

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merci la FDA principal cause du retard

bande de fossoyeurs, faux jetons

48 semaines au lieu de 24

à quoi sert alors les biomarqueurs qui devait faire avancer les choses très vite

il faut protester, des gens vont mourir, il sera trop tard

tous ensemble pour faire accélerer

sinon les délais vont s'éterniser

ce sont avant des financiers et puis seulement des docteurs

l'argent on parle que d'argent mais pas de malades sans médicaments, et dans l'ongoisse du lendemain

Steven said:

Best not to get ones hopes up, although we all need some hope in our lives, especially where DMD is concerned. I keep a close eye on most of the biotechs in the sector (as do many here), and Summit are hoping - as I understand it - to get accelerated approval post phase 2 IF it proves effective and as such are intending to run a large enough and well designed trial to make that a real possibility, so it could be available in 2016, but it might be 10 years, I don't know, but they are doing this in a logical way and without much charity funding and I think they should be applauded and supported.

ces gens jouent en bourse avec des médicaments , ce sont avant tout des financiers et non des docteurs

problèmes de spéculation en bourse

ne vous laissez pas faire

vous n'avez rien à perdre

des gens meurent dans le desespoir et on leur dit que des médicament nouvelles génération vont sortir

on se fout des malades

Le prof Kay davies parle d'un "nouveauSTC1100"

et l'essai phase2 du premier SMT100 est encore très loin à l'horizon,  ABSURDE 

ils se moquent de tous les patients ( honteux)

Not sure I need to or want to respond to this rather angry tirade in French but what you are suggesting is shameful in itself but if you think it's all smoke and mirrors. Be my guest, you obviously have little faith in capitalism nor a respected group of scientists life work to find a cure for DMD.

i am french

i am a patient 

i aim afraid

i aim not time,

You have my sympathy and I can only hope something safe and effective comes to market in the fastest time possible, just don't think slating the companies who are working in the sector helps anyone. You're also not alone. Many on here will share your fear and frustration and some a hand of community. meilleurs vœux

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