Is anyone using an all terrain wheelchair?  There is just no getting around doing some hiking trips that will not be accessible.  I found this one:  but looking for any ideas/recommendations from those who are using these kind of wheelchairs.  Also, did your insurance cover it?



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Lisa, I don't have any experience with wheelchairs yet, but I don't like the fact this one has Bo back support. I think our boys need that. Just my opinion! :)

We just bought our son an ActionTrack chair. Actually, Justin has no idea. He is at camp and will be surprised with it when he gets home. I will post pics of it later, I dont have them uploaded yet. He tried one out a couple of weeks ago and loved it! Also, no, insurance didnt cover ours. We paid half and some wonderful family members paid the other half.



--Samantha THAT is a cool chair!!!!

Here is a pic of . We are doing some modifications to it ourself. My husband is a handy man! He is building a frame to go on the front that will be removable. Justin likes to hunt. Hogs are prevalent in our area and they need to be weeded out. Justin loves to hog hunt. They are MEAN and will come after you. The frame will protect his legs and feet. He is also modifying the gun holder he made for it and a fishing pole holder. We are taking Justins roho cushion off his regular chair and putting it on this opne when Justin uses it to give him more padding and support. Justin doesnt use a chest harness, but he will on this chair just for added safety.


P.S. The girl in the pic is my 10yr old daughter who LOVES to run around in the chair!

The chair with my daughter in it!

Lisa,  just got a prescription for this wheelchair, but not sure our insurance will cover any of it.   I wonder if anyone else has this one.


Hi Lisa,

We also got the Action Track chair. It was the least expensive one we could find. Carson loves it.

We modified our ice hut so that he could drive it in. He used it Deer hunting and the guys had him

drag the deer in to camp with it. We took it to Sauble Beach and to St Augustine Beach, Florida.

The great thing about it is that it draws so much attention every where it goes. Everyone wants to

drive it. We actually had to put a wheelchair sticker on it, just so park people wouldn't give us a

hard time thinking it was an ATV. Insurance didn't cover it, but some of the Make a Wish foundations

did offer to put money toward it. We have a very very great group of friends that decided Carson

needed the chair and they pooled their money together and bought it for him. One thing with the

Action Track Chair, it'll climb anything but you really really need a 3 point harness to keep from

being sling shot. It's also quite wide, we transport it on a trailer or we take all the seats out of

the Van. If the kids can figure out how to send you a picture, I will.


Hi Lisa,

I live in Israel and at the moment are looking for a power chair for my son Omri. We live on a Moshav in the negev which is desert type terrain. My son has been looking for one that will let him get everywhere as we also enjoy hiking trips and 4*4. He found the X8 EXTREME . I'm quite sure it's American, so have a look, there's a video of it on You Tube.Over here the insurance does'nt cover it but we've had alot of offers from family members to chip in, also there's 3 wishes that we're going to ask for help from, if we decide to buy it!! 

Hope this helps a little 

Lisa from Israel

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